Holmbush Forest forms a large part of St. Leonard’s Forest, where legend has it the last dragon in Britain was slain.
The forest is a mixture of managed softwood plantations and ancient woodland and much of our wood is sold for timber and logs, whilst a portion of it we retain ourselves to meet our own building and fencing requirements.

Our thinnings we now chip which we sell and use for our own boilers to heat the farm buildings in winter time.

Under our replanting program we aim to replant up to 4 hectares per year, which means in January and February our foresters are very busy planting typically 5,000-10,000 new little trees every spring. This year will be no exception with 2,500 new Douglas Fir and 7,500 Sweet Chestnut planted, continuing to provide supply for future generations who will be running the estate 50 years from now.

Armed combat also goes on in the woodland in the form of paintballing, archery and axe-throwing, whilst specialized groups offer security and first-aid training for NGO and aid workers heading off overseas.