Sustainability 2At Holmbush we are always looking to the future, trying to see how we can become a more sustainable world.

As stewards of the countryside, farmers should surely be the first to demonstrate sustainable living, and we have always strived to be ahead of the curve in implementing new green technologies.

Woodchip pile in Park HovelWe were one of the first people to get into biomass, and we have been running woodchip boilers for eight years now, heating all the offices, cottages, farm shop and tearoom with a Heizomat boiler running on our own woodchip.

Sustainability 1We also have three 30kw photo-voltaic solar arrays which provide much of our daytime electricity needs, and what we don’t use we sell back to the grid.  Each year these panels generate the equivalent of the total annual consumption of 18 UK households.

Of course the farm animals supply us with much of our eggs, butter, milk and meat.