Starting in 2014 we have been selling bulk wood-chip sourced from our own timber grown in the forests of Holmbush around the village of Colgate.

BSL authorised, Biomass Suppliers List

If you looking for either one-off or even regular deliveries in any size from 0 to 90 metres cubed or more, then we would be very happy to try and fulfill your needs.

Sustainability 3Much of our supply comes from thinnings harvested from our own softwood plantations in the Holmbush forest.  We sell ex-yard but there are plenty of 3rd parties offering outsourced delivery options if you need to organize delivery.

If you are interested in placing an order, ranging from small bag for your garden to a large lorry, then please call 07876 481879 to discuss.



  • BSL Authorised
  • Grade G30
  • 15-25% Moisture Content
  • £25 per metre cubed