Terms & Conditions

Tea Room & Soft Play Tickets

1. Do not visit us if you or anyone in your party has any of the COVID symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID 19 or if you or anyone in your household has been advised to self isolate.

2. Only one family is allowed at the reception desk at any one time. Please queue outside on the floor markings.

3. Each Soft Play session is 150 minutes. Please arrive promptly and leave on time, to ensure we have adequate time to santise the Tea Room for the next session.

4. Socks must be worn by everyone entering the padded Soft Play areas, both adults and children.

5. Only food and drink purchased in the Tea Room is to be consumed on the premises. This includes snacks.

6. No food or drink is to be taken into the Soft Play.

7. Child entry is strictly for 5 year olds and under.

8. All staff at will continue to wear a face covering (mask/visor) and we ask all visiting adults to wear a face covering durring the visit.